Sunday, Oct 02, 2022

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10 Fitness Industry Trends That Could Define 2021

The New Workout Model Guest post written by Kevin Nelson Description: With COVID starting to diminish, some folks are still leery about going to the gym after becoming accustomed to working out at home. That and the advent of virtual fitness coaches are just a couple of the fitness trends as we march to greet 2021. It’s time to get […]

How Weight Loss Coaching Makes all the Difference

It’s very hard to lose weight. Most of us end up not knowing how to lose weight naturally, and we rely on diets that don’t work. Either that, or we just focus on workout routines that barely remove a few pounds. It’s important to have some guidance with this process and a weight loss coach is the right option to […]

Weight Loss Statistics Suggest a Radical New Approach

Everyone knows it’s difficult to lose weight but few people are talking about what the numbers mean. When you really look at weight loss statistics, you can only come to one simple conclusion: Give up. Accept your size. Try to enjoy life until you die. End of story. Lest you consider me overly cynical, take a look at the data. […]

Why and How to Stretch your Hamstring Muscles

Need to stretch your hamstrings? Here are some tips that you probably haven’t considered. By maintaining well-stretched and loose hamstrings, you will experience less back pain and more flexibility when exercising with weights, sprinting, or performing strength jumps. If you feel any pain at all while stretching, go slowly. This could be the result of inappropriate strain or improper support […]

Flat Abs for Women: My Top Tip to Get You Flat and Sexy Abs

How to get flat abs for women… One of my clients who listened to my advice and got the flat tummy she always wanted! How to get flat abs for women… Isn’t this the million dollar question? The one topic in exercise and fitness that everyone wants the secret to…. How to get that six pack, that flat tummy, those washboard […]

4 Reasons Why Muscle Building for Women is Vital for Healthy and Beautiful Bodies

1. Women who weight train lose fat faster Muscle building for women is the key to increasing your metabolism. Weight training is one of the best ways to build that muscle. The more you lift heavy weights = the more muscle you gain =  the more fat you lose. Muscle consumes energy to survive – and this energy comes from your food… […]

The Best Butt Exercises: These Gave Me a Butt That Got The Cops Talking!

I’d been doing my crazy springboard diving coaches best butt exercises for 4 months. I must admit that I was looking hotter than ever… It was about this time that my boyfriend – Tom – was arrested… The Story… (Then the exercises!) Tom was feeling miserable. He was drunk and annoyed. He’d been at a mates party when it got a little out […]

How to Lose Fat Faster: 4 Steps I Use For Guaranteed Results…

We all want to know the secret…. How to lose fat faster! Over my time of training people of various ages, I’ve had lots of different results…. fast weight loss, slow weight loss, plateau’s, heaps of weight loss, but the main thing is….. weight loss. Over time I have also learnt what I believe are the 4 most important steps to […]

The benefits of goal setting….

Why goal setting is so importantAnd the best way of structuring your goal setting I often have people ask me “Why is goal setting important?”  The benefits of goal setting are HUGE, and I am a huge believer that setting your goals is vital as the first step in any fitness endeavor.  That’s because setting a goal, and having a […]

Clean Eating Plan

 A clean eating approach made mostly with foods that are close to their natural form (low or no processing) that ALSO includes all your favorite foods (Yay!!!) is the eating style I promote to my clients, and have had GREAT results from. Books, marketing, adverts, shakes, juices, pills, fasting…… so much is out there to make you believe that if […]