Monday, Jun 27, 2022

San Diego, CA

How Weight Loss Coaching Makes all the Difference

It’s very hard to lose weight. Most of us end up not knowing how to lose weight naturally, and we rely on diets that don’t work. Either that, or we just focus on workout routines that barely remove a few pounds. It’s important to have some guidance with this process and a weight loss coach is the right option to […]

Weight Loss Statistics Suggest a Radical New Approach

Everyone knows it’s difficult to lose weight but few people are talking about what the numbers mean. When you really look at weight loss statistics, you can only come to one simple conclusion: Give up. Accept your size. Try to enjoy life until you die. End of story. Lest you consider me overly cynical, take a look at the data. […]

Why and How to Stretch your Hamstring Muscles

Need to stretch your hamstrings? Here are some tips that you probably haven’t considered. By maintaining well-stretched and loose hamstrings, you will experience less back pain and more flexibility when exercising with weights, sprinting, or performing strength jumps. If you feel any pain at all while stretching, go slowly. This could be the result of inappropriate strain or improper support […]