4 Reasons Why Muscle Building for Women is Vital for Healthy and Beautiful Bodies

1. Women who weight train lose fat faster

Muscle building for women is the key to increasing your metabolism. Weight training is one of the best ways to build that muscle.

The more you lift heavy weights = the more muscle you gain =  the more fat you lose.

Muscle consumes energy to survive – and this energy comes from your food… so instead of your food getting stored as fat (which happens when you have little muscle mass) – it gets used to keep your muscles alive and strong… It gets ‘burnt’.

This extra muscle also increases your resting metabolic rate (which is the rate you burn off food/fat while doing nothing) so you’re getting fat burning for free!  Yes please!

Faster fat loss… just one reason why my clients love muscle building!

2. Women who work on muscle building look ‘tighter’

Womens muscle and fitness levels contribute hugely to the ‘tightness’ of their bodies.  Weight training has been proven to be the “toner” for all body parts!  If you want tight, toned, lean, defined muscles, muscle building is the way to go.  Choose muscle building and say YES to a higher and tighter bottom, flat defined stomach and trim and toned thighs!

3. Muscle Building For Women Can Help You Become “Superwomen”

Muscle building for women increases functional strength, builds stronger connective tissues and increases joint stability. This is so important if you want to do all the tough jobs in your day to day life with ease, without injury, and without feeling achy afterwards! 

…And you Mum’s out there (like me!), high levels of muscle and fitness will help hugely in keeping up with those kiddies all day long! When I let my muscle building program slip by the wayside I notice that keeping up with my energetic 8 year old, adventurous 3 year old and squishable 6 month old SO much harder!

Keeping strong helps me keen up with my kids! Here I am with my little Evan 🙂

If you want to be a superwomen your whole life, it’s especially important to stick to a muscle building program as you get older. As we age our muscles begin to deteriorate, lowering our metabolic rates and causing us to slow down and gain weight.

It’s as it says on a poster in my gym “Lift Weights and Die Healthier” 😉 Which leads on perfectly to point 4…

4.  Strong women stay healthy and live longer

Studies have also indicated that muscle building for women can strengthen joints and ease the pain of arthritis.  Strength training also greatly reduces the risk of osteoporosis, and in the case of already onset osteoporosis, symptoms have been dramatically improved. As our age increases, our bone density decreases.  Weight lifting can reverse the effects of bone degeneration which is so common as people age. 

You know that poor bent over lady you’ve seen at the grocery store? You don’t want to be her. Nobody deserves that discomfort. Start acting today to prevent it. 

Remember… Muscles are like the engine of your car.  Keep it in good condition, and you can drive it regularly and vigorously without fear of it breaking down

Start Lifting Weights NOW!

There is never a better time to take action than right now. Don’t put off the healthy and strong body that you deserve for another day… Start working towards it now. 

There are plenty of free articles on my website which can point you in the right direction, so have a look around and get inspired!

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