Sunday, Oct 02, 2022

San Diego, CA

My Top 10 Healthy Body Tips (These Changed My Life and Can Change Yours Too!)

These 10 simple healthy body tips have changed my life. If you add them into your life, I guarantee they will change yours too! I stay fit and strong by following these simple tips! Healthy Body Tip 1: Energy In vs. Energy Out It’s all about ENERGY IN versus ENERGY OUT.  If an individual wants to lose weight, the amount […]

The best way to build muscle FAST

Everyone wants to build muscle fast, and before you say “no they don’t” because most women will turn around and tell you they just want to be trim, tight and toned, then let me tell you, that is muscle building.  The tight and toned is actually just…. tight toned MUSCLES!  From gaining huge muscle mass to being tight and toned, […]

Ideas to Help you Stick to your Fitness Plan

My question is how to stay motivated to stay on my fitness plan. I really need to stick with it this time! I eat right and exercise but after the first week or two, I always become bored or restless and end up breaking it. I quit and go back to my old ways. How do I stay motivated to […]