The benefits of goal setting….

Why goal setting is so important
And the best way of structuring your goal setting

I often have people ask me “Why is goal setting important?”  The benefits of goal setting are HUGE, and I am a huge believer that setting your goals is vital as the first step in any fitness endeavor.  That’s because setting a goal, and having a challenge is the best motivation you can have for making a plan and getting the results you want.  As i like to say:

“If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to know how to get there?”

I encourage my clients to set their own personal goals, and within these goals i  love setting challenges for them that are going to help them reach their goals.  I have always found those clients who have clear goals get the best results through doing it.  Seeing that you are reading this, you are obviously super keen on doing something awesome.  Here are a few steps on how to structure your challenge and goals in the best way, so you can see the benefits of goal setting in your fitness walk and so you end up with amazing results!  Wooooo!!

Set a Goal Date to reap the benefits of goal setting

How long is your challenge going to be for?  To reap the best benefits of goal setting, Make sure you set a realistic time frame based on what it is you are wanting to achieve.   12 weeks is a really great one if there are quite a lot of changes you are wanting. I usually get my clients to fill out the following goal sheet, you can copy it and do it for yourself:

  • In 6 weeks time, (Date:______________), I will be: 
  • In 12 weeks time, (Date:_____________), I will be: 
  • Over the next 12 weeks I am going to do the following to achieve the above goals:
  • Some of my specific health and nutrition goals that I will achieve in the next 12 weeks are:
  • Some of my specific lifestyle goals over the next 12 weeks are:
  • My long term goal is: (be specific, mention a date, what will you be wearing, where will you go, how will you be feeling?)

The 6 week halfway mark is a great place to check you are on track.

Have measurable results

Make sure your results are measurable.  To ensure you reap the benefits of goal setting, you must make sure you know what your goal looks like exactly, and that is can be measured.  Will you be using your weight, or measurements, or body fat test, or simply a pair of jeans that are just too tight and you want to fit into them.  My huge recommendation is you ditch the scales and go with measurements or use your clothes as an indicator, they are the best way to watch your inches go!!

Be Specific – ‘Paint a picture’

Get really specific about what you want your end result to be.  Take your time to really think about what is really going to motivate you.  Write down what you are at the moment (tired, self-conscious etc or whatever it may be), and then write what you want to feel like.  Then paint a picture and make it real.  For e.g. In 12 weeks time on the 12th April i will go to me favorite restaurant “The Yummy Place”, I will be wearing a size 8 black tight sparkly dress, i will be feeling super confident and know that i look amazing, i will have so much energy and vitality and i will feel awesome knowing my husband is looking at me thinking i am the hottest thing ever!!!!!!!”

How are you going to get there – What needs to Change??

What things are you going to do to achieve this goal.  What needs to change, what needs to become your non-negotiables? (the things that you will stick to, that are going to be part of your daily life, not something you’ll fit in if you can)  Some examples could be:  I will make sure i do weekly grocery shopping to ensure i always have healthy food available, i will plan my meals so i don’t get stuck and reach for something that won’t make me feel great, i will go for a huffy puffy walk/run 3 x a week on a Mon, Tues and Thurs etc etc.


Get moving.   Read your goals every day (good idea is stick them on your mirror or behind the toilet floor.  Remind yourself where your going and why your doing this.  Remind yourself constantly that it will be worth it…. and trust me it will.

Go write your goals down, set your challenge, lets do it!!

Have a look below at some awesome results from some of my clients challenges.  They set a goal, they changed, they worked, and they earned a body and lifestyle they love!!!

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