The Best Butt Exercises: These Gave Me a Butt That Got The Cops Talking!

I’d been doing my crazy springboard diving coaches best butt exercises for 4 months. I must admit that I was looking hotter than ever… It was about this time that my boyfriend – Tom – was arrested…

The Story… (Then the exercises!)

Tom was feeling miserable. He was drunk and annoyed. He’d been at a mates party when it got a little out of control. People were gate crashing left right and center. The streets started getting noisy and the neighbours called the cops.

tom kissing a fish

Tom with his dreads!

Tom is a fantastic guy – who wouldn’t cause trouble. But… he didn’t look that way. You see, he had a head of dreads that he’d been growing since he was 13.

The cops picked him out of the crowd and chucked him in the paddy wagon. When he asked what he’d done, one of the cops yelled back ‘you’ve got dreads!’

‘Screw this’ tom thought as he sat miserably in the corner of the police van.

Tom spent the night in a cell… Eavesdropping on the cops talking about the sexy diver girls at Westwave smimming pool…

Tom listened in amusement… Little did those cops know that he dated one of those diver girls… me!

‘Now that’s what I call a perfect butt’ the one cop said… ‘If only they trained without their swimsuits on!’ The other whistled in agreement…’I rekon I could train them in a thing or two’

This bad behaviour carried on until Tom’s eyes grew heavy and he crashed on the dirty cell bed.

The 2 Best Butt Exercises That Got Us Diver Chicks Into Great Shape

My coach – Steven – knew his stuff! He knew how to whip an out-of-shape athlete into tip top condition in no time. He had learnt this from over 2 decades of coaching Olympic atheletes in China.

Steven knew that the key to getting a stong and toned butt was simply doing the right exercises! He knew what that the best butt exercises were… And, he knew they’d make us wobble like jello!

Stevens favorite butt firming exercises – perfect for home fitness training

Killer Twists

Killer twists have to be one of the best butt exercises ever discovered! I love them and hate them at the same time… Love what they do to give me a perky butt… But hate how exhausting they are!

But… At the end of the day – having a toned butt is worth a bit of hard work… so I do them 🙂

Make sure your knee doesn’t move in front of your toes.

  1. Get yourself a weight – a medicine ball will do the job.
  2. Get into a low squat and hold the ball to one side.
  3. Stand up tall and twist your body to the other side.
  4. Return back to the start position.
  5. Repeat.
  6. Change sides.
best butt exercise
best butt exercise

Medicine Ball Squat Jumps

Bad news… This exercise makes your muscles so tired! Good news… It will help tone and tighten your butt!

You can go without the medicine ball if it’s too hard… But try to work your way towards using it 🙂

  1. Hold your weight and get into a deep squat position – as shown in picture 1.
  2. Explosively, jump up into the air.
  3. As you land, lower back into the original squat positon.
  4. Repeat.

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