Weight Loss Statistics Suggest a Radical New Approach

weight loss futile

Everyone knows it’s difficult to lose weight but few people are talking about what the numbers mean.

When you really look at weight loss statistics, you can only come to one simple conclusion:

Give up. Accept your size. Try to enjoy life until you die. End of story.

Lest you consider me overly cynical, take a look at the data.

97% of people setting out to lose weight fail. Of the 3% who apparently succeed, 99% of them gain the weight back within a relatively short period of time. Now what do you think of those impressive before and after photos you saw on that commercial weight-loss site?

Ever seen The Biggest Loser? Enough said.

In other words, quit!

Don’t trouble yourself with how you’re going to change your physique any longer and accept who and what you are. This is the only intelligent position. The dumb-dumb approach is to believe marketers, large and small, in the weight loss industry who are unquestionably selling you a pipe dream (and they know it).

No commercial weight loss program is worth the URL its written on. Again, they know it. There is no data, no research, no stats or even a compelling correlation to suggest any diet, exercise program, or regime is effective long-term, period.

We all know people who have lost weight. You may even know someone who has kept it off for a long time. That person who lost weight will gain it back. The person who kept it off for a long time is a lottery winner. Not to discount the amazing effort required. Still, long-term success in weight loss is not just an exception, it is a near miracle.

You have much better odds – much, much better – taking down the house at your local casino. In fact, take that several thousand dollars you were going to spend on the latest, greatest (read: scam) weight loss program and head down to Harrah’s. At least you have a fighting chance – nearly 50% if you’re good at blackjack.

But weight loss over the long-term? You’re 99.99% guaranteed to come up short.

What to do?

I wasn’t kidding. Quit. I suggest spending your time on a related but doable project – that of self-acceptance.

Will accepting yourself help you lose weight? No. No, nothing will help you lose weight. Give up on losing weight.

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