Ideas to Help you Stick your Fitness Plan

fitness plan stick with it

My question is how to stay motivated to stay on my fitness plan. I really need to stick with it this time!

I eat right and exercise but after the first week or two, I always become bored or restless and end up breaking it. I quit and go back to my old ways.

How do I stay motivated to maintain my fitness plan?

I hope you’re not looking for a magical solution or formula. Just an honest opinion and simple, applicable ideas because that is what you’re going to get.

1. Know your why (sigh)

So overdone these days. Everyone is shouting, KNOW YOUR WHY! And they’re right. It’s helpful to be in touch with your purpose for doing anything, let alone sticking to a fitness plan.

How do you discover the why in your fitness goal? Complete the following sentence.

I want to get in shape because _______________________________.

2. Know your how

I’m not playing word games. It’s just important to know how to get into shape. How much do you know about fitness, really? Do you need to hire a personal trainer or dietitian?

Importantly, are you qualified to answer the above questions?

3. Rule out binge eating

Meaning, if you’re a heavy binge eater, deal with that first before you commit to a structured eating plan. Otherwise, you’re likely to disappoint yourself.

4. Set an anchor for motivation

An anchor in NLP is a simple, stimulus-response mechanism that you control. Learn about anchoring. When you have an anchor, you get immediate access to the mindset you want. This may be a lifesaver when it comes to self-motivation.

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